Will Insurance Cover Varicose Vein Treatment

“Will Insurance Cover Varicose Vein Treatment?” Jacksonville Patients Ask

Will Insurance Cover Varicose Vein Treatment? Among the most common questions about varicose vein treatment Jacksonville’s St. Johns Vein Center hears daily is whether the treatment will be covered by insurance. As the economy slowly recovers and patients seek both cosmetic and medical treatment for their varicose veins, spider veins and pelvic or labial veins, insurance and payment options are a top topic in talks with doctors.

So, Will Insurance Cover Varicose Vein Treatment?

The answer depends on several factors. Most insurance companies will cover the cost of the initial consultation and testing. However, further coverage depends on whether your doctor and insurance company deem your treatment medically necessary.

Varicose veins left untreated conditions can worsen

Varicose veins can be uncomfortable and unattractive. If dealt with quickly, they pose no medical threat. However, gone untreated, varicose and spider veins can lead to a more serious condition called venous insufficiency. This is a severe clogging of the blood in the veins that prevents it from returning to the heart. Medical consequences include deep-vein thrombosis (better known as a blood clot). If a clot travels from the leg veins to the lungs, it can block a patient’s lungs and heart from functioning. Severe bleeding infections and sores or skin ulcers also can develop. Most insurance companies cover treatment in such cases.

Spider veins are typically considered cosmetic

On the other hand, treatment of spider veins and less severe cases of varicose veins often are considered cosmetic treatments not covered by most health insurance plans. To help patients cover the costs of medically necessary varicose vein treatment, Jacksonville’s St. Johns Vein Center participates with several major medical insurance companies including:

  • United
  • Aetna
  • Medicare
  • Tri-care

Although we do not participate with most HMO plans, the majority of managed health care plans do offer out-of-network benefits and our staff can handle claims filling for you.

Payment plans available for those with no insurance

Don’t have insurance? St. Johns Vein Center also accepts payment via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club International and Care Credit. To find out more about payment options and schedule your initial consultation for varicose vein treatment, call 904-402-VEIN (8346).

If you have additional questions on what your insurance coverage you may need to contact your insurance provider after an initial consultation.

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