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Treat Spider Veins to Look and Feel Better for the Holidays

Around the holidays, we gather with friends and family for parties, celebrations, worship services, and family photo shoots. During this time we always want to look and feel our best since we’ll be reuniting with loved ones and documenting our time together with photographs.

spider veinsIf you are concerned about unsightly spider veins on your legs, please know that treatment options are available that offer limited to no downtime, little pain, but maximum results. Treating spider veins for cosmetic purposes can not only help you look better, but you’ll feel better also and be able to enjoy your holiday with confidence.

Treatment of Spider Veins for Cosmetic Purposes

  1. The treatment used to reduce or eliminate spider veins on your legs is called Sclerotherapy.
  2. Sclerotherapy involves the injection of an asclera liquid or foam into the vein causing it to shrink.
  3. This treatment is minimally invasive, meaning pain and recovery is minimal.
  4. You will be able to immediately resume your daily activities with just a few minor adjustments.

Why Choose St Johns Vein Center?

There are many reasons to choose St Johns Vein Center. Here are just a few:

  • We offer patients up to an hour for spider vein treatment whereas many other places only offer 30 minutes.
  • We us Polidocanol (Asclera), whereas other places use Hypertonic Saline.

    ○  Hypertonic Saline – burns more, high risk of skin damage, only for small spider veins, higher risk of tissue complications.
    ○  Polidocanol (Asclera) – FDA approved, less painful, less risk of skin damage, works well on a variety of sized veins.

  • Dr. St. George is a Board Certified Interventional Radiologist and Vascular Specialist. Not all clinics offering vein treatment have a Vascular Specialist, resulting in your treatment performed by someone less qualified.
  • St. Johns Vein Center has an incredibly skilled and caring staff.
  • We offer complete privacy, respect, and satisfaction.
  • We offer many resources to help you and your loved ones get and keep your legs healthy.

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