Three Reasons Not to Skip Varicose Vein Treatment, Jacksonville

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Don’t wait to get treatment for your varicose veins. Quick action means fewer complications and better healing, St. Johns Vein Center says.

If you’re one of the many Americans who think that varicose veins or spider veins are just a cosmetic issue and don’t necessarily require medical treatment, think again. There are multiples risks in letting vein conditions go untreated. Though surgery once was the go-to solution, today’s varicose and spider vein treatment options include several minimally invasive or non-invasive procedures. So, don’t let fear cause you to take on these risks:

  • Skin Ulcers: When left untreated, varicose veins may further worsen blood circulation. This can lead to swelling, itching, skin inflammation, discoloration and even painful ulcerations. These ulcers can be very difficult to heal until the backward blood flow that causes varicose veins is repaired.
  • Blood Clots: Untreated varicose veins and venous reflux also can lead to blood clots that form inside a vein just below the skin’s surface, causing skin to redden, swell and often hurt. This is called superficial thrombophlebitis. A blood clot that forms in a deeper vein is called “deep vein thrombosis (DVT). These blood clots may be marked by the same symptoms as a more superficial blood clot, but may also have no symptoms. But if a large DVT clot breaks free, it can travel to the lungs and potentially be fatal. Patients with vein disease need to be particularly careful when undertaking long air or car travel.
  • Bleeding: Over time, bulging varicose veins cause the skin over the veins to thin out. This makes the skin more susceptible to injury and can mean significant blood loss if an injury does occur.

Don’t take your health for granted. If you have varicose veins, however mild, schedule a consultation at the St. Johns Vein Clinic. The sooner you act, the quicker and less problematic healing your varicose veins will be. Varicose vein treatment can improve the quality of your life.

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