Varicose Vein Specialist

3 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Varicose Vein Specialist

You wouldn’t take your car to body repair shop if it needed engine work, would you? So why visit a general surgeon for something as specialized as vein treatment? Unfortunately, if you’re unsure what to look for in a vein specialist, Jacksonville’s Dr. James St. George says, you just might end up with a similar scenario.

Founder of the St. Johns Vein Center, Dr. St. George is a highly regarded vascular specialist treating blue, spider and varicose veins. Jacksonville patients have depended upon him for relief from the pain, itching and cosmetic woes of venous conditions. No matter where you are, he offers a few tips for choosing a qualified vein specialist. Before agreeing to treatment, ask your prospective provider these three questions.

3 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Varicose Vein Specialist

  1. What are your qualifications?

    Specifically, look for a physician who has completed a fellowship in a specialty with advanced training in venous disorders as recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). The certified specialists who generally meet this requirement are interventional radiologists and vascular surgeons. Certification by the American Board of Phlebology indicates additional commitment to specialization in venous disease.

  2. Who will perform procedures?

    The answer from a physician should be “me.” If you find that you’ll actually be treated by a physician assistant, nurse practitioner or an ultrasound technologist, then find another practice.

  3. Do you have a dedicated sonographer and state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment?

    Treatment of your veins should never occur without first evaluating your leg veins with ultrasound. Many practices pay a part-time or freelance sonographer on an as-needed basis using older or portable equipment. For the most effective and thorough treatment, choose a practice with a dedicated sonographer who specializes in evaluating venous insufficiency or varicose veins.

Also make sure that the varicose vein specialist or firm you choose uses the latest technology and offers comprehensive care of not just the main abnormal vein, but smaller, peripheral veins as well.

If you’re in the Northeast Florida area, St. Johns Vein Center is your best bet for effective treatment of blue, spider and varicose veins. Call 877-640-VEIN (8346) to schedule a consultation.

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