Loving Life After Treatment for Leg Pain

treatment for leg painTammy’s Story, Successful Treatment for Leg Pain

Tammy is loving Life after her successful treatment of leg pain. She had been dealing with the feeling of heavy swollen legs for some time and seeing several other leg doctors Tammy Johnson research vein experts and decided to visit Dr. St George of St Johns Vein Center because of his specialized knowledge in veins.

Prior to being treated she had many classic leg pain symptoms including waking up in the morning, swollen legs, ankles swollen, veins bulging which is a common sign of varicose veins. She is a full time working mom and wears heels everyday for her work. The issues with her legs became extremely uncomfortable and made it hard to focus on doing her job properly.

When she visited St Johns Vein Center, she enjoyed the personable experience she received and mentioned how she appreciated the conversation focused on her and helping her solve her specific issues. After a thorough exam it was discovered she had a pelvic congestion syndrome which treated as well as the rest of her leg issues. St Johns Vein Center took care of all of items needed in order to ensure her problems were resolved to her satisfaction.

Her one word to describe it… “Awesome”.

Now she wakes up every morning revived with no more throbbing heavy legs and is able to focus on her live without pain.

Treatment for Heavy Swollen Legs

Sclerotherapy vein treatments come in three forms: Ultrasound, Liquid, and Foam-Visual. Sclerotherapy refers to injection of surface veins that are visible to the naked eye. Some veins that need to be treated are below the surface of the skin and cannot be injected safely without the aid of ultrasound imaging assistance. Sclerotherapy is an office procedure with no down time and was covered by her insurance.

If you’ve experienced heavy legs, spider veins or other leg discomfort- don’t wait! Listen to Tammy’s advice and contact St John’s Vein Center so you can get the proper diagnosis, the best treatment and begin enjoying the activities you love to do.


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