How Compression Stockings Treat Varicose Veins

How Compression Stockings Treat Varicose Veins – Jacksonville Doctor Explains

How Compression Stockings Treat Varicose Veins – Compression hose treatment, also called stocking therapy, is one of the most conservative forms of treatment offered for spider veins and varicose veins. Jacksonville’s St. Johns Vein Center has helped thousands of patients alleviate pain and correct the unsightly cosmetic issues of varicose and spider veins via correctly worn compression hose.

These prescribed stockings work by applying gradient pressure that’s tight on the foot and ankle, then gets less tight toward the knee. This pressure pushes the blood flow upwards toward the heart, so that it’s not able to flow backwards and pool in the veins. That pooling of blood is what causes the veins to swell above the surface, creating unsightly marks. When worn properly, compression hose reduce swelling in the feet and decrease the chance of blood clots forming in the legs. While they won’t cure your varicose veins, they will help nix the swelling, aching and heaviness that accompany the condition.

If you smoke, are diabetic or have a decreased blood supply to the legs, you should not wear compression hose. Outside of taking some getting used to, compression hose have no other known complications in healthy, non-smoking patients. While there are non-prescription stockings on the market, they generally do not apply the right amount or gradient of pressure and are not as effective as those your doctor will prescribe. Prescription compression hose typically range in cost from $50 to $125 and can last for six months to a year when properly cared for. It’s recommended that patients hand-wash and dry their compression stockings to help keep them in great shape.

If you are seeking treatment for spider or varicose veins, Jacksonville’s Dr. James St. George of St. Johns Vein Center can determine whether compression hose or another form of treatment is best for you. Call 877-640-VEIN (8346) to schedule a consultation today.

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