Angelina Jolie

Celebrities Get Varicose Veins, Too!

It was the thigh shot seen ’round the world. Photos of Angelina Jolie’s somewhat awkward pose onstage and on the red carpet at Sunday night’s Academy Awards broadcast quickly went viral. Yet, they were just another of the leggy snapshots that the movie, music, and television awards seasons produce on a constant basis.

While the Regular Janes of the world long for legs that appear lean, smooth and flawless, it’s important to note that every single one of us – even those whose photos grace the magazine covers – are prone to conditions like spider veins and varicose veins, according to Jacksonville’s Dr. James St. George. In fact, some celebrity habits may even contribute to these unsightly conditions.

“Those impossibly high heels that we see celebrities wear not just on the red carpet, but to the coffee shop and grocery store, are an accomplice to those varicose veins,” he says.

Stars whose snapshots have shown evidence of spider and varicose veins include Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristen Davis of Sex and the City fame, singer Britney Spears and former supermodel Janice Dickinson. In an industry where one’s looks are paramount to success, you can bet that these women and their staff are quickly on top of such issues. So how do they seemingly instantly take charge?

In their off-screen time, top celebrities are focused on taking care of their figures by working out. Aerobic and strength training exercises are a must for both maintaining a lean figure and keeping their blood pumping for a healthy, rosy look. Good circulation helps keep the blood moving upward through the body rather than pooling backwards into the veins and causing the tell-tale blue-tinged vein swelling.

Celebrities and their handlers also stay up to the minute on all the latest techniques and technologies that address cosmetic issues like spider and varicose veins.

If you’re beginning to notice spider veins or varicose veins, Jacksonville’s St. Johns Vein Center can give you the celebrity treatment. Led by Dr. St. George, we specialize in both surgical and non-surgical treatment options for spider veins, varicose veins, blue veins, pelvic and labial varicose veins, leg pain, leg swelling, and restless leg syndrome. To help keep your legs red carpet-ready, call 877-640-VEIN (8346) or use our convenient online email form to schedule a consultation today.

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