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The Cause and Treatment of Blue Veins in Jacksonville

 Blue Veins

Have you ever noticed blue colored veins on your legs? In this interview, Jacksonville’s vein specialist, Dr. James St. George of the St. Johns Vein Center, answers your questions including more information on the cause and treatment of blue veins.

Blue Vein

Blue veins (also known as reticular veins)  is a dilated bluish intradermal vein, usually from 1 mm in diameter to less than 3 mm in diameter. They are venous blood vessels that are bluish or greenish in color and are stretched out beneath the surface of the skin.

They do not protrude above the skin like varicose veins. They tend to form in areas such as the inner and back of the thighs, the legs and ankles, and even on the face. Their unsightly appearance keeps many people from enjoying wearing shorts, skirts, bathing suits or other clothing which reveal these veins.

VIDEO: What Causes Blue Veins?

VIDEO: How Are Blue Veins Treated?

At St Johns Vein Center it is our goal to provide patients with education and information to ensure that you have the tools you need to make the best decisions for your personal health. We invite you to take this Personal Vein Health Assessment to see if you may be at risk for venous insufficiency. Upon completion of the assessment, a member of our medical team will reach out to you via email or by phone if you prefer to review your results.

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