Ambulatory Phlebectomy is the removal of large unsightly varicose veins at the surface of the skin. The area surrounding the varicose vein clusters is flooded with anesthetic fluid. A needle is then used to make a puncture next to the varicose vein and a small hook is inserted for removal of the diseased vein. The punctures typically leave very minimal scarring.

While endovenous thermal ablation treats the underlying source for varicose veins, ambulatory phlebectomy is a minimally invasive surgical technique used to treat varicose veins just under the skin.

The abnormal vein is removed through a tiny incision or incisions, using a special set of tools. Often, the incisions are so small that at two months, they are hardly visible, and at six months, no signs of surgery can be found.

The procedure is done under local anesthesia and typically takes one to two hours or less. Recovery is rapid and most patients do not need to interrupt regular activity after the procedure. In fact, walking and staying active after the procedure typically is encouraged.

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